ORS Nasco


Logging in to your Account

If you already have an ORS Nasco account on this website, enter your designated user name and password in the customer login area at the top right of the homepage. You will then be taken to your account home page. If you have forgotten your password, select the “click here? link in the Customer Login area to have your password emailed to you.

Requesting an Account

If you are an existing ORS Nasco customer and do not currently have an account on this website, click the “please register for a new website account? link under the "Welcome to Our New Web Site" tab on the homepage. You will then be prompted to fill out our online Request Account form. Once submitted, an ORS Nasco customer service representative will review your request and contact you regarding access to your new online account.

My Account

The “My Account? link is found at the top of the homepage once you have logged in. This area of the site gives you access to tools that will help you manage your account and order settings. These tools include areas to:

  • Edit your account settings
  • View your order history
  • View your account summary
  • View a list of your open invoices
  • View a list of your paid invoices
  • Review your orders
  • Change your ship-to address

Edit Account Setting

This area allows you to change your password and password recall question and answer. Your user name is designated by ORS Nasco and cannot be changed online. To change either your password or password recall question and answer, simply enter the new information into the designated fields and press confirm. The password recall question and answer will be used if you forget the password to your account. You will be prompted to enter the answer to the password recall question in order to receive an email notifying you of your forgotten password. NOTE: Both the password and password confirm fields must be filled in and they must match. If they do not match, you will be prompted to enter the new password again.

Product Order History

The order history section allows you to review your purchases of specific products. Select a date range to view a list of products purchased within that time period. Click the individual item number to display that item’s order history or add the number of items you wish to reorder in the quantity (QTY) field and select “add to cart? to reorder those products.

Account Summary

The account summary section highlights important account activity including:

  • Shipping and Payment terms
  • Customer Number
  • Purchase history to date (month, year and previous year)
  • Date of First and Last Sale
  • Date of Last Payment
  • Open and Future Order Values
  • Payment History
  • Total amount due on your account.

Open Invoices

To determine your open invoices, select either an invoice number, end invoice date or end age date. The end invoice date you select will be the end date used in your selection criteria. The start invoice date used in your selection criteria will be 30 days before the end invoice date. For example, if you enter an end invoice date of 11/30/2007, your search will result in invoices created between 11/1/2007 and 11/30/2007. The same process will be used when an end age date is entered. If there are no open invoices during this time, a message stating this will be displayed.

Paid Invoices

To search for Paid Invoices, enter either the starting invoice number or the end age date of the invoice(s) you wish to view.

Review Orders

The order review screen has several different functions including:

  • Viewing past individual orders by date
  • Checking on order status
  • Checking estimated ship dates and backorder status
  • Copying a previous order as new into your shopping cart
  • Printing a copy of a past order
  • Emailing the order information to a designated person(s)

To review your orders, enter an end date. The end order date you select will be the end date used in your selection criteria. The start order date used in your selection criteria will be 7 days before the end order date. For example, if you enter an end order date of 11/30/2007, your search will result in orders placed between 11/23/2007 and 11/30/2007.


To change your Ship-to Address, select the Ship-to number of the address that you would like your items to be shipped. Be aware that changing Ship-to may cause items to be dropped from your cart, Shopping Lists, and Specials Lists. All items are also subject to price and availability changes. You may search your list of Ship-to addresses by entering a city, state, and/or postal code and selecting the Search button.

Check Pricing and Availability

Individual Items: To check an item(s) price and availability when the individual catalog number is known, enter the exact number directly into the “Check Pricing & Availability? field at the top of the screen.

Multiple Items: If you wish to check the pricing and availability for more than one item at a time, click the “Multi-Line Order Form? button available at the top of the page. This will take you to a form that will allow for the submission of up to 20 individual price and availability inquiries at one time. If an item is in stock, the individual warehouse availability along with the item’s price will be displayed.

If you wish to order this item, press the "Add to Cart" button and the item will be placed directly into your shopping cart.

Multi-Line Order Form

The multi-line order form allows for fast ordering when the desired item number and quantity are known. Simply add item numbers and quantities line by line or toggle open the Upload Order Information box to upload an entire pre-formatted order. When using the Upload Order Information area, please note that orders must be submitted in a specific format. To assure correct formatting, download the supplied example order form by clicking on “download.? If an order is already preformatted and ready to be submitted, click the browse button, locate the order file on your computer, and then click the “upload file? button. You will receive a confirmation once your file has been uploaded.

Shopping Lists

Creating a Shopping List: If you wish to save a product(s) for later viewing/ordering, you may do so by creating a shopping list. Once you have added items to your shopping cart, you may select Create Shopping List to create a new list containing those items. You may also add individual items to new or existing shopping lists when viewing the product detail page. To create a new list, select the “Create Shopping List? from the dropdown menu on an individual detail page. To add to an existing list, select the list you wish to add the item to from the dropdown menu.

Viewing Shopping Lists: To view a particular list of saved products, click the “Shopping Lists? Button found at the top of the page. Select the desired list to view products contained within the list. Those products can then be added directly to your shopping cart by entering the quantity and pressing the “Add to Cart? button.

Search Our Most Popular Items

Note that this search only searches our most popular items. If you do not find an item using this search, try to search for this item using the Advanced Search.