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Instant Powder, Variety Pack, 21 oz
Manufacturer: GATORADE
Item #: 308-03944

Gatorade® Instant Powder

Product Details:
Hydrates with electrolytes that help them replace the carbs, electrolytes and fluids they lose when they sweat.
Carbohydrates help stimulate rapid fluid absorption and fuel the active body.
Capacity Wt. [Nom]21 oz
Country of OriginUS
FlavorVariety pack; Lemon-Lime; Fruit Punch;Riptide Rush
MPI CatalogYES
Package Yield [Nom]2 1/2 gal
Packing TypePack
Physical FormPowder
Quantity32 per case
Safety CatalogYES
TypeDry Mix
Wt.1.44 lb
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