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Band-Ade Semi-Synthetic Sawing Fluids, 5 gal, Pail
Manufacturer: LENOX
Item #: 433-68003

Lenox® Band-Ade® Semi-Synthetic Sawing Fluids

Product Details:
Reduces machine wear and improves band saw blade tool life
Water-soluble formulation helps to reduce frictional heat and improves cutting performance
Faster cutting and reduced machine wear increases efficiency
Products are safe for the operator to use with no harmful chemicals, such chlorine and sulfur
Surfaces can be welded or painted over
Applicable MaterialsFerrous Metals; Non-Ferrous Metals
ApplicationsLight- to Moderate-Duty Machining
Capacity Vol. [Nom]5 gal
Container Size5 gal
Country of OriginUS
MPI CatalogYES
Packing TypePail
Specific Gravity [Nom]1.02
Wt.41.95 lb
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