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Digital Solutions


Providing you with 24/7 access to help you with all your online needs. Below are highlights of what is provided to you.

Electronic Price Book (EPB) — Desktop and Mobile

This easy-to-use software program is designed to deliver up-to-date pricing and much more!

The Electronic Price Book contains a wealth of ORS Nasco information delivered directly to your desktop and check out our EPB Mobile for iPhone and iPad!

Content Leasing

This is a rich content offering which comes with features and benefits, taxonomy/hierarchy, attributes and full images & Logos. Select from 5 sku set offerings to choose from: Full Line Web-Ready Content, MPI, Safety, MPI and Safety and Welding. This is designed so you can add products to your existing website with little to no effort on your part and be online in no time.

Value of Wholesale (VOW)

Experience the Value of Wholesale with ORS Nasco with 4 key components: Increase Revenue, Provide Growth Enablers, Reduce Costs, Improve Working Capital. Call today to see how we can help your bottom line with our VOW Tool.

Assisted Inventory Management (AIM)

AIM is a vital distributor tool that will track product consumption and automatically refill product as needed, resulting in the increase of your service level provided to your customers. This vendor managed inventory program will prevent on-the-spot decisions, order entry errors and helps to reduce your investment in working capital.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

ORS Nasco strives to protect the integrity of each of our customer's business partnerships. With ORS Nasco our customers have the opportunity to take advantage of our EFT, electronic funds transfer program. The EFT program will allow customers to limit the amount of checks written throughout the month and enable the customer to utilize their account funds the next business day.

Electronic Data Information (EDI)

ORS Nasco sells exclusively to authorized distributors in the industrial, welding, oilfield, construction safety and JanSan markets. To enable our customers to simplify their ordering process, ORS Nasco has implemented the Electronic Data Information process. EDI ordering will take your purchase orders and upload them electronically into the ORS Nasco system and will return an EDI acknowledgement & invoice.


This option allows you to switch your invoice delivery to email. Sign up today and start receiving your invoices quicker, more securely, with greater convenience, and help improve your record keeping. Send an email today to einvoicing@orsnasco.com with your full account number, company name, contact name, phone number and the email address you wish your invoices to go to.


A flip version catalog based on our Most Popular Items(MPI) catalog. This tool is searchable and can be utilized offline as well to show at tradeshows and open houses, if needed. You can mark favorite items, pages and more. You can also customize this to match your company logo and themed information to send to your customers or post on your website.

PDF Promotional Flyer

This is a great tool to accompany our print version of the quarterly flyer. This solution has a customizable option to have your company logo and information inserted on the covers. It can be uploaded to your website or sent to all your customers for quick distribution of opportunities.